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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New Look Ibiza style: 5 looks

I've compiled five key outfits from the New Look online store for a dream holiday in Ibiza: Travel style, Poolside, Beach it, Sunset supper and Beach to bar. Just add sun cream!
Travel style.

First up is my travel look. This look is perfect for flying to and from Ibiza. The playsuit is relaxed and comfortable, perfect for slouching around in the airport and on the flight. The headscarf and sunnies will be vital once you touch down in Ibiza to keep your hair away from your face and protect your eyes from any glare as you exit the plane. The shoes are in the cutest pastel shade that tie in well with the headscarf, they're also comfortable and cool in hot weather whilst keeping your feet warm when you get back to (likely rainy) Britain. The bracelets add a chilled out holiday vibe to the look. If it's really cold when you leave the plane on arrival back in Britain you could through over a pale lemon or grey hoodie.

Poolside glam.

Next up is my poolside outfit. You shouldn't be afraid to mix and match your bikinis as it helps you achieve a really unique look, imagine turning up to the pool and seeing another girl with the same bikini on as you! The bikini bottoms I've picked have colours that correspond to the bikini top, and I've used these colours to build the rest of the look. The sandals are comfy for walking to the pool bar but easy to slip off when you're ready to take a dip. Sunnies are important if you plan on doing some sunbathing or poolside reading. The kaftan is a useful cover up if you decide to head into town or the beach-no need to go back to the hotel room! The jade green nail polish and turquoise accessories bring the look together, tying in with the bikini colours perfectly.

Beach it.

This is my beach look, perfect for chilling in the shade, walking to and from the beach, sunbathing and hitting the waves. I've used the maxi dress as a stylish cover up, it's more appropriate for shopping and sightseeing before or after the beach than a flimsy kaftan but is just as easy to slip on and off. The coral beaded sandals will look great with a tan due to the coral and gold tones. This cute mismatched bikini is perfect for those with a smaller bust as the ruffle detail will create a fuller effect. It also matches the dress, so no worries about straps showing. The hat and sunglasses are essential on hot days, particularly if you're sunbathing, the band on the hat ties in with the dress nicely too, so it's part of the outfit rather than a random accessory you picked up at the last minute. The bright coral lipstick will really pop, and unlike lipgloss you wont have to worry about getting sand and hair stuck to your face! I've added a pale pink nail polish to prevent the look being too over the top, and let the rest of the outfit do the talking.

Sunset supper.

The sunset supper look is ultra sophisticated for any formal dinners you might attend while on holiday. The cream lace dress is effortlessly classy, you wont look like you're going to a ball rather than dinner! The gold lace shoes really compliment the dress and will look fab with a tan. The glitter gold clutch adds some wow factor and a bit of colour, whilst staying true to the overall feel of the outfit. Deep red nail polish turns this look very sultry, without looking trashy. Shimmery eyeshadows are a must, and a sweep of bronzer along cheekbones and collarbones will complete your bronze goddess look.

Beach to club.

My beach to club look is pretty self explanatory, it's comfortable and cool enough for the beach but you can head straight to the clubs without looking too 'beachy' and out of place. The scarf print dress is a great staple piece that can be dressed up or down, I've obviously tried to go for something in between the two. The sandals make walking on the beach a breeze, they are on trend for the clubs and you wont have sore feet at the end of the night! The colours of the bracelets match the dress perfectly, I'm a bit of a match-aholic if you hadn't guessed! The feather jewellery keeps in with the tribal feel originally brought to the look by the sandals  and the nude bag prevents a clash of colours and patterns occurring. Don't forget the bronzer and a pale pink lipgloss for when you hit the clubs!

So there you have it! Five fab looks for any Ibiza bound goddess, just don't forget the sun cream and an MP3 player full of summer tracks!

For all of the pieces shown above and more please visit http://www.newlook.com/


  1. what do call that blue denim piece in the top picture? i could wear that all summer.

  2. That's a denim playsuit :) Gotta love playsuits!

  3. Sunset supper is awesome! Check my entry on http://victoria-coeurdor.blogspot.com/2012/08/going-to-ibiza-5-outfits.html
    Have a nice day! :)))

    1. Thanks so much! It's probably my favourite outfit, along with beach to club :) I'll take a look at yours right away.