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Friday, 10 August 2012

Badger Balm: Natural body care

I've been in love with the Badger company and their products for several years, since I was a teenager and I first began to seek out products not tested on animals. I love them so much, partly because of my love for animals, partly due to the fact that they are all natural and mainly because they just work!

Badger is a family run business in New Hampshire U.S. Badger balm came about when back in 1994 Bill Whyte sought a solution for the cracked and bleeding hands that he and his carpenter friends were suffering from.  He mixed some beeswax and olive oil, a little bit of experimentation later his hands were healed, and he made batches to give to his friends and colleagues to try. Bear paw was created.
As the new business was just getting started, and Bill was about to have tins made to sell his 'Bear Paw' balm, disaster struck. Although he'd checked the trade mark registry to see if the name was taken there was in fact a hand cream that had been around for a little while called Bear Paw.
Luckily this was probably actually a good turn of events as the name Badger came to him. Badger being a healing totem, The root gatherer who possesses great knowledge concerning the root and herb kingdoms-perfect for a budding organic business!
They are now a USDA certified organic facility, using fair trade certified cocoa butter and ethically sourced ingredients. They also proudly display the leaping bunny logo, declaring that their products haven't been tested on animals. From 'Bear Paw' and the very humble beginnings to the now internationally known company that produces everything from lip balms and body balms to aromatherapy balms and sun cream, Badger Balm is a nature lovers dream. The products are so natural, they're even safe to eat!
They now have 20 different types of lip balm, three types of everyday moisturiser, foot balm, baby products, three types of antioxidant body oil, face oil, facial beauty balm, anti-bug balms, sticks and creams, sun creams and after sun balm, three massage oils, three varieties of sore muscle rub, sore joint rub, aromatherapy balms, chest rub, 6 soaps, Badger Balm hats, tote bags, posters, three hair oils (coming in September!) and of course the original Badger Balm for hands, in scented and unscented. I think that's everything!

I've just ordered some Badger balm 'for hard working hands', sore muscle rub and sore joint rub for after my days at the zoo! Unfortunately Badger Balm are not currently taking orders from outside the U.S. via their main website badgerbalm.com but they do provide a list of International distributors that stock Badger products and recommend an online store that ships internationally, Uncommon scents, who I placed my order with. You can use sites like Amazon and Ebay but the range is sadly limited and far pricier for some products than if you were to buy elsewhere. I really want a Badger tote bag, and I'm hoping I can find one on one of these sites! I can't wait to get my new badger goodies, they're good value for such good quality, natural products-and they really do work! I've had their foot balm for ages, I honestly can't remember how long now, it's still going strong and still works as well as it did the day I bought it!

Badger Balm are also on Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to 'like' and 'follow' for updates and sneak previews.
I'll do a little review once I get my new products!

My Badger foot balm.

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