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Monday, 6 August 2012

Dr. Jart + BB cream review

What is BB cream? Also known as Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms they offer a wide variety of skin enhancing/conditioning properties as well as a light coverage. Most creams moisturise, prime, conceal and have some level of sun protection. Some of the fancier Asian brands I've seen also have anti-ageing benefits and skin lightening.They were originally created by a dermatologist for facial surgery patients, to provide some cover while nourishing the skin and encouraging healing. Normal foundation wouldn't be beneficial to post surgery/laser treatment skin whatsoever. It became huge in South Korea and Japan,  starting with Korean actresses and celebrities. It's now being introduced over here with major brands like Maybelline and Loreal producing their own creams.

Before even starting to blend you can see the huge colour difference 

Mostly blended and I have a lovely orange patch!

The search for the perfect BB cream led me to Dr. Jart + water fuse beauty balm. I really wanted an Asian brand called BRTC but it was a bit extravagant for what I wanted it for (a light coverage for my days out in the heat at the zoo where I volunteer). I wanted to steer clear of brands such as Maybelline as I was sure their BB cream would be just as orange as their foundations! I saw this pop up on an online search and read a few customer reviews. They claimed that it was suitable for virtually any skin tone, and a couple of customers commented on how brilliant it was for pale skin. It has an spf of 25, reasonable for a BB cream and water fuse technology, to try to help lock moisture in your skin. 
It goes on really smoothly, doesn't feel greasy as it's water based and has quite a light feeling. Leaving the colour aside for a minute, it looks really natural, like you're not wearing anything on your skin. It's very sheer, but you can possibly build coverage, otherwise it really will look like you're not wearing anything!
It blends fairly easily, but I keep finding darker patches after I've apparently blended it properly, so I'd definitely check it before you go out anywhere!
Now, the colour...It is too dark for my skin, plain and simple. I don't know how pale these people from the reviews are, but they're clearly not as pale as me. To be fair, once really blended, it is passable, but I have to wear a very small amount and really blend it in, so it doesn't really do much for my complexion and it seems fairly pointless wearing it! If you have medium to fairly pale skin this will probably be perfect for you. If you have very fair translucent skin like myself then you will be better off buying an Asian brand, as the pale look is extremely hot over there.
I'm now using it as a primer under a very thin layer of my pale 'Dainty doll' foundation, and it does a great job!
I bought mine from Boots.com at the reasonable price of £13 reduced from £18 for 50ml. If you think this cream is perfect for you and want to know more then please click here to visit the product on the Boots website.
I better start saving for that dream cream! *Sigh

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