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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Having a crafty Christmas!

I haven't been blogging much lately as I've recently got back into crafting, particularly textile work. I've been knitting, sewing and trying to create my own dress patterns. I've just created a Spoonflower account where you can create your own designs for fabrics, wallpapers and wall decals. I was browsing through the numerous designs available to purchase and thought, why not create my own? So I did!
I created an adorable fun fox print design which will be repeated across the fabric. You can view my design by clicking here

I was busy creating ferret bedding and sweet treats for a local Christmas Fayre and ferret show that took place a week or so ago (My little girl won best in show btw) I sold a few of my creations but I did have a few yummy cakes left to eat afterwards! 
Iced gingerbread biscuits 
Hammocks and blankets
Christmas pudding style cake pops (chocolate fudge)

I've been making quite a few presents this year, and I'm now rushing to get them done on time! I've knitted a hat for my dad (he needs a hat in this weather!) I'm also embroidering a cardi for mum and I'm hand sewing a quilted blanket for them too. 

The quilted blanket is made from stuffed squares rather than the traditional method, this makes it extra snug! 

In the new year I'm hopefully going to be working on a few projects such as dresses of my own design including fabric I've designed myself, a crochet bag, and possibly create some embroidered squares to start a very special quilt ;)