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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Thetford forest, one of my favourite places.

Our picnic spot on the Queen's Diamond Jubliee weekend.
Greens and reds...From our November 2011 visit.
Winter sun...From our November 2011 visit.
Grey squirrel...From our November 2011 visit.
Thetford forest consists of pine, heathland and broadleaves, and is the largest lowland pine forest in Britain. It was created after the first world war for timber, as we had lost quite a few slow growing oaks and such due to the war demands. There is a huge variety of animals here, from rabbits, hares, Muntjac, Roe and Red deer to birds such as the Woodlark, Goshawk and Siskin.
The High Lodge visitors centre is the main destination if you're after something extra. They have a restaurant and gift shop, you can hire bicycles and have fun on the Go Ape high wire course. It's also the venue for many events such as concerts, theatre performances and the weird and wonderful, like the 'Electric forest' event that we went to in December 2011. It was basically a performance using lights, sounds, interactive objects and of course the forest, with a stargazer for those wanting to have a go and marshmallows to toast on bonfires. Here are a few piccies!

Lantern arch...At the electric forest event in December 2011

Magical...At the electric forest event in December 2011

Colour changing trees...At the electric forest event in December 2011

Whatever the season I just love Thetford forest, particularly the more peaceful and less trodden areas away from High lodge. The chances of actually seeing some wildlife is far greater without little children screaming and people bringing their dogs! There is just a really calm, soothing feel about the forest, I can feel really at home and at peace here. I'm often inspired to write when I'm at the forest, so maybe next time I'll take a venture down there with a pad and pen and see what happens....

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