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Friday, 20 July 2012

Let me introduce myself...

So, as you know, this blog is really just going to be a random collection of stories, pictures and my favourite things basically! I'll give you a little bit of information about myself to get things started, but as I post you'll learn all about my hobbies, interests and daily life.
I'm britsish, 23 years old and married. I live in the county of Norfolk, a mainly agricultural area with one small city being Norwich. Norwich was once the second largest city in England but the Great Plague put an end to that in 1665. Attleborough, the town I live in was part of the main route from Norwich to London (and still is though now there is a major road running alongside Attleborough) and was well known for its cider making and Norfolk turkeys, whose feet were apparently tarred to protect them on the long journeys they would have to make.
I have four pets at the moment, three ferrets and a hamster. Two of my ferrets are males named Alfie and Shiro and one is female named Lola. My hamster is a little girl called Faye. You will come to realise that I am animal mad, my hope is to work with animals full time one day, although finding a job in this economic climate is tough at the moment. So for now I'm stuck doing a job I hate but I also volunteer at my local zoo which is really enjoyable!
Appearance wise, I probably have one of those faces that's better for radio haha! But anyway, I'm about 5'2, I have naturally light brown hair, but I've got into dying it recently so it's a copper shade at the moment. I have really pale translucent skin, that freckles easily (I should have been born a redhead!) that I used to hate, but I've really learnt to love it and I try to keep it pale by wearing lots of sunscreen!
I love cooking, I have far too many cookbooks! Traditional English grub is a favourite but I also like cooking Italian and Chinese, to be honest I will pretty much eat almost anything except brussels sprouts, olives and ox tongue. I haven't tried snails yet so I can't comment on that one!
I love arts and crafts too, particularly drawing anime/manga characters, sewing bags and purses and making jewellery.

Well, that should be enough background info for now, If you want to know more then please follow my blog for stories, random facts, product reviews and hot new products, recipes, travel info and anything else that takes my fancy!

Yup, told you I have a face for radio! 

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