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Monday, 1 October 2012

My 'kinda 40's' look...

At the moment I'm really into my traditional and country themed stuff, be it clothing, food or hobbies and I thought it was time I gave the hair a go too!
I was supposed to go to a 40's weekend with my other half back in September (but due to work I couldn't go in the end) hence why I originally looked into 40's hairstyles and make-up.
The 40's make-up look was very similar to my every day look, I was just missing the red lipstick. However, I've stopped wearing eyeliner altogether at the moment and have started wearing my Lush lip tint 'it started with a kiss' every day. Since I had vintage inspired makeup, I felt that my hair was sadly lacking (what's new?) so one morning I played around with some styles and was fairly pleased with the result, which you can see below...
Please note that there is an alarming amount of flyaways and general yuck going on as I currently do not own a single can of hairspray and didn't use any other products! The top picture was taken after I'd been out to get some material for a quilt which is why it looks even more windswept!

It's not the best that has ever been done but it was my first attempt at something like this and I never use grips so this was quite challenging! Realised just how pale I look in the bottom picture, and I can promise you I'm not a vampire! Honest! 

What I did was I split my hair into two sections at the back (you might be able to get away with just one section if you have shorter/finer hair than me) and armed myself with lots of bobby pins. You take one section and twist it slightly at the end before rolling upwards towards the head, keeping it low to the neck. This can be tricky but teasing the hair that will form the innermost part of the roll will help it roll up easier. Holding it in place you then need to slide your pins through either side of the 'sausage' shape until you are satisfied it is secure. Any stray hairs can be tucked in and pinned into place. 
You then need to do the same with the other section so that they meet in the middle and look like one long roll.
Previously I had separated my fringe from the rest of my hair, back-combed the top of it then twisted it up into a small slanted quiff pinned to one side. 
Finally give it a spritz with hairspray (I really should buy some) and finish with a flower if you like or a vintage slide. This took me about 5 minutes to complete-I'm not a fan of time consuming hair routines!

You can't see it in the photos but my hair is also a brilliant reddish copper colour :)

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